Benefits of Serviced Offices


Business Centres provide total flexibility, allowing you to upsize, downsize or relocate at reasonably short notice.


Serviced Offices are easy to manage with monthly billing, all-inclusive of rent, business rates, service charge, building maintenance, utilities, furniture, telecoms, cleaning, reception, kitchen & toilets.

Instant Access

You can move in straight away and should not experience any delays. The license agreements are short and simple as opposed to lengthy leases, which can incur considerable legal bills. You will also not be required to provide bank or personal guarantees.

Short or long Term

Serviced Offices can be utilized as short, medium or long-term facilities. They can be used as overflow/interim space, branch offices, project team rooms, by all types of businesses, ranging from start-ups to blue chips, franchise companies, small businesses, entrepreneurs, fast expanding/contracting businesses and anybody that appreciates the value of Serviced Offices.